Tuesday, September 15

50 things:

1) I love green.
2) I love the sound of rain.
3) I love bacon.
4) My biggest weakness is being shy.
5) My second biggest weakness is procrastination.
6) I'm afraid of bugs...of all shapes and sizes.
7) I love driving with the windows down.
8) Never broken a bone...knock on wood.
9) I've visited 7 states. 43 to go.
10) I've always dreamed of visiting Italy.
11) Love the number 23.
12) I've never seen any of the Star Wars movies.
13) I'm in love with Edward Cullen from the Twilight saga.
14) I love journals.
15) I love pillows.
16) I want to one day own an oversized chocolate brown couch.
17) I like black and white pictures.
18) I love southern sweet tea.
19) I like to wear boots.
20) I am an only child.
21) I love to make clothes.
22) I think vintage is beautiful.
23) My parents are divorced.
24) I have a summer job at a bank...for banks.
25) I love thrift-stores and flea markets.
26) I drive a dodge neon.
27) I was a majorette in high school.
28) Currently a college student.
29) I really don't like tomato sauce but I tolerate it on pizza.
30) I'm facinated by texture.
31) I love pastels and earthy tones.
32) I've had 6 baby teeth and 3 permanent teeth pulled.
33) I think I need glasses. Find out soon.
34) I have brown eyes and brown hair.
35) I love falling asleep while sun bathing.
36) I like driving around with no place to go, taking the backraods.
37) I hope to one day own a blue jeep wrangler.
38) I love candid pictures.
39) I love rumaging through my mom's attic.
40) I love love love to dance.
41) Favorite all time movies: The Notebook and Step Up.
42) I love laughing so hard I cry.
43) I used to cry in secret when my mom would fix stuffed peppers for dinner.
44) I had no idea what to post for my first blog.
45) I really want to make my etsy shop better. No sales as of 9/15/09.
46) I love to create.
47) I love find unexpected inspiration in others' work.
48) I love my family.
49) I love my boyfriend Ryan.
50) I love and trust in my savior, Jesus Christ.

image via m@pestaartje

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