Thursday, November 5

etsy finds: fashionloft

I have a new favorite shop on etsy. I've been returning to it all week just to look through the listings because I find them so inspirational. The Fashion Loft has so much beauty that I had to share some of these with you (a few of them are sold pieces but they were too good to leave out). Enjoy ♥

slip dress.

chiffon blouse.

lacey dress.

white dress.

dainty blouse.

chic dress.

summer dress.



  1. They're all so fabulous. It's hard to pick a favorite... I started at the lace one a bit longer than all the others so I wonder if that's my fav. Lovely of you to feature another shop. I'm off to "heart" it myself. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really love the lace too. Thank you all for stopping by!


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