Tuesday, March 9

dear long lost love...

My poor little blog has been so neglected here recently. I kept meaning to post and meaning to post but time just kept slipping through my busy fingers. I've had exams every week now for over a month, but finally I am getting a much needed break. The good news for you and my little blog is that I will be posting alot more now that I have been freed from my exam chains.

While I'm at it, I'd like to share some amazing news with you! Yesterday when I returned to class, I of course visited etsy because I love seeing what makes it to the front page and adding to my favorites on etsy. You can imagine my suprise when there on the front page was my blue waters tank amongst many other fabulous pieces like Henderson from knackstudio. I was so excited and the little lovely recieved so many hearts yesterday and this weekend it will be traveling to a new home so that it can be loved.

I managed to snap a picture of it <3.


  1. Wooo hooo! Congratulations on making it to the front page!!! YAY!! :):)

  2. Congrats!! This is HUGE! I love your shop! xo


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