Monday, May 31

lovely images: slow down and breathe.

If you read my last post you probably noticed that I've been feeling just a little stressed. I decided to create a lovely images post for the purpose of sharing with all of you some great talent and inspiration, but also to help remind myself of all the good and relaxing things and moments that life has to offer. (click the ♥ for the source).

. sometimes it feels so good just to lay down in the grass and close your eyes. the sun beaming down on your cheeks is so refreshingly warm.

writing in a journal can be so relaxing and calming as well. whether its a fight with a loved one or just fifty ideas for my shop running through my head, I always feel better when I can take the time to sit down and just write it all out. it's kind of like your own friend that listens, doesn't interupt, and will always remember the parts you later forgot and help you to see things weren't so bad or to remember how amazing they were.

taking a nap, or getting enough sleep, is definately a stress reliever. i'm always a much happier, easy going person after having a good amount of rest. the trouble however is when you just don't have that extra twenty minutes to nap. sigh. I could definately cozy up in this little nook though.

it's so easy to get wrapped up in reading a good book. the time just flys by. i think it's a great stress reliever because it's like you can get so entangled in the story that you forget about the worries and issues of your own life for a while.

sometimes listening to live music can be relaxing, or at least make you feel good. I have a good friend that can play guitar and has an amazing voice and I could just sit around and listen to her for hours. It's amazing what music can do.

dressing up can bring such joy. whether it's for fun or for a going out occasion, most girls love to spend time dressing up and getting pretty. it just makes you feel good. and for me personally, I seem to be able to forget about everything else while I'm getting ready or curling my hair or something so those are treasured moments.

spending time with the love of your life and just truly enjoying it, forgetting about everything else, is probably the absolute best way I have found to relax, stay calm, de-stress, and just breathe. I feel so blessed that the love of my life is my best friend. he is always the one that makes me feel better and like everything is going to work out alright.

I was complaing to him about the stress of having my handmade shop and now my vintage shop and trying to keep checking and promoting both. trying to not only make the things for blueheartboutique but to find them for blueheartvintage. I told him I almost wished I just hadn't opened the vintage shop. so he said, "why don't you just get rid of it and list your vintage stuff in your other shop, like combine them?" I immediately got defensive and told that was so not a possibility because I just planned everything out perfectly with having the two shops. that was last weekend. this weekend I finally started listening to him. I think I can make the two shops work together just fine, alot of it is the same style, because it's my style so I think it will blend just fine. so sometime in the near future, hopefully this week, I will be moving all of my listings from blueheartvintage over to blueheartboutique in a 'vintage' section. and hopefully things will be much calmer. and I can just breathe.

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