Thursday, June 17

lovely images: i love

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i love making wishes.

i love butterflies and soft colors.

i love pink lemonade and drinking out of mason jars. that's what i want to have at my wedding.

i love any piece of floral clothing. i think it goes with anything.

i love pretty storage of pretty things.

i love decorating with unexpected pieces, like a row of vintage clothing on girly white wooden hangers.

i love displaying pretty collections in glass canisters.

i love beautiful pieces of clothing hanging together. it's like an unexpected piece of collage art.

i love finding amazing book titles like this one and this one.

i love the girliness of curly hair and pretty pantyhose.

i love beautiful pieces of vintage.

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  1. Lovely pics! I also love mason jars - they add the perfect ouch of vintage and simpicity :-)


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