Tuesday, June 8

packaging details.

If you have never visited the etsy shop oh, hello friend or read Danni's blog you are really missing out on something special. She pays so much attention to detail and is so sweet. It's amazingly fun just recieving her packages, and honestly...I had a hard time opening this one up because I didn't want to ruin its loveliness.

The package in the image above acutally came wrapped in part of a sewing pattern. Inside that was the beautiful little bag with woodgrain looking ribbon and vintage paper lace in an amazing green color. There is so much to look at and just swoon over.

And now I can finally I can say I am a lovely owner of one of these buttons and a pocket watch necklace. They are so beautiful and I can't wait to wear them.

And I also recieved a kissing kids ring that came in this pretty little box.

You can also read Danni's posts about packaging on her blog. I could look at everything for hours, it's just beautiful and I can't say enough good things. Thank you so much Danni for putting in so much effort to make every etsy buyer feel special with the lovely package that they recieve and thanks for being such a great inspiration.


  1. that girl......is just amazing! Her packaging is so fantastic indeed ....and the treasures that you got are wonderful! enjoy!

    ....and have a lovely day!


  2. Oh I love her blog and shop! What lovely packages to receive-- I'd have a hard time opening them too! Love that you took pictures to document the loveliness before opening :)


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