Thursday, July 22

featured seller: factorygirlashli

Today's featured seller is Ashli from factorygirlashli, an amazing jewelry shop on Etsy. I can't even remember how I found Ashli's shop because it has been in my favorites for so long, but I always love seeing her unique creations (I actually own this necklace and I love it). Please take some time to read about Ashli and her shop, take a look around factorygirlashli, and take advantage of the Blueheart reader discount.

Gray Cherry Blossoms Post Earrings

Please tell us a little about yourself. (What makes you unique? What is your background? Your passion?)
I'm not very unique. I'm actually pretty boring. I really like to collect boring things, and sometimes I like to turn them into pretty things. My favorite color is pink, but don't quote me on that because it will probably be different the next time you ask.

Little Boy Paper Doll Adjustable Ring

What is the significance with the name 'factorygirlashli'?
I'm a big fan of Andy Warhol. I love his philosophy, his passion, and his character. I've studied/obsessed over him for awhile. People nicknamed the girls who followed him around "Factory girls" since they partied at his studio called "The Factory". Therefore, I named myself factorygirlashli. Oh, Ashli is my name.

Mini Cards Old Lace Variety

Please tell us about your blog a treasured year. (What inspired you to start it? How do you develop ideas/themes for your treasuries? Why do you love making treasuries? etc
I just really liked making treasuries.... and at the time I didn't have very much on my plate (also about me: I love cliches), so I decided to commit to 365 treasuries in as many days. To keep myself committed, I started up the blog. I don't think I'd have any disappointed readers if I skipped a day, but I would be disappointed in myself.

What inspires you?
romance and old fashioned things inspire me.

Lace It Up Flower Handmade Headband

Describe your style. Is it similar to the style of your shop?
My style is very much like the style of my shop, with an edge of California casual. My style is like JCrew meets Anthropologie meets Salvation Army. I own a twin to most of the pieces in my shop, and whenever I make something one of a kind that I love, I will have to reason myself out of keeping it.

A Stitch In Time Antiqued Brass Necklace

factorygirlashli is offering a 25% discount to all Blueheart readers (not including shipping). All you have to do is mention the code "Blueheart" in the message to seller at checkout!

Upcycled Vintage Tie Blossom Brooch

A few fun q&a about Ashli...

Name 3 living things you treasure: my husband, my mom, and my cat

Name 3 nonliving things you treasure: my Tiffany's engagement/wedding ring, my macbook, and chai

List 3 favorite events in your life so far: my wedding, the Coldplay concert I went to last summer, and the first time I saw Blue Man Group in Chicago

List 3 words that you love: love, hello, anything in French (even though I don't know what it means)

List 3 things you want to do before you die: go to France, run a marathon, be in a movie

Pink Lemonade Daisy Filigree Ring

you can also find Ashli here:
treasury blog

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  1. I love her shop-- her jewelry is beautiful and the photos are exquisite! It is now a fave -- (don't know why it wasn't before now-- I've featured some of her beautiful jewelry in my Monday faves :)) Great interview :)


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