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featured seller: Odelma Vintage


Please tell us a little about yourself. (What makes you unique? What is your background? Your passion?)

Well first, I’m Mattie. I am a 20-year-old, apparel-merchandising student at Louisiana State University. I’ve lived in Baton Rouge my whole life, and that is something I have grown to love and hate every other day. I still live at home with my parents while I’m in school. I have a pretty fabulous boyfriend, Luke, and a funny bloodhound, Boone. I work a few days a week at a little boutique in my hometown, and spend the rest of my days working on Odelma! I started Odelma Vintage just last month as a way to fill my time in the summer in between semesters, and I’m having a blast.

pink candy striped top

What is the significance with the name Odelma Vintage?

Oh! Let me tell you. It’s my favorite story. :) You see, I kind of have a thing for names. I am always collecting unique names that I hear or come across and dreaming about what my future children will be called. I love it! When it came to the shop, I wanted a name with meaning. I didn't want just a fun name I enjoyed hearing. I wanted one that reflected the shop itself. So I started to mull over some vintage words, phrases, names, etc. Then it just came to me! My dad’s mother’s name is Odell, and my mom’s mother’s name is Ethel Delma. And if you didn’t catch it: Odell + Delma = Odelma. Love.

silver owl necklace

How did you develop a love for vintage?

I remember when I was younger (around 8 or 9) my parents told us we were going on vacation and I could choose where we would go. We had just got through learning about plantations in school and I was fascinated. So my parents gave me the option of either touring a plantation or going to a water park. I bet you can guess which one I chose! That probably just increased my lame-o factor by +5, but I can’t deny it. :) When I got older, my fascination with all things vintage grew and grew. There is just something so alluring about the past. I love learning about the way people lived life before us.

floral pitcher

Please describe the thrifting experience for you. (Do you prefer to go alone or take a friend? Do you have a favorite spot you visit? Do you go all day and take a lunch?)

Some days I bring a friend, but mostly I go alone. When I do bring someone though, it’s usually my boyfriend, Luke, because he has an obsession for peculiar and random things AND can put up with me while I’m taking forever hunting through shops.
I try to take a full day and just hunt. I have my thrift store days, and my garage/estate days. I map out (literally; you should see my cartoon maps) where I’ll stop that way I don’t get completely overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s quite exhausting, but then you find those perfect little treasuries that make the hunting all worth the while! And my favorite part is answering the question, “Hey, where’d you get that?!” When I say garage/estate sale or thrift store, people’s jaws drop! It’s pretty funny.

pastel scarf

Besides vintage, what are your other loves or passions?

I always say that if someone were to crack open my heart and have a peak at what’s in there, they would never believe it was the heart of just one girl. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. I just am a passionate kinda’ gal. But anyway, let’s say you did take a peak at the inside of my heart, here’s what you would find: Christ. Family. Boyfriend. My Church. Party Planning. Crafts. DIY projects. Clothes. Blogs. Boone (my bloodhound). Polaroids. Truth. Rainstorms. Folk Music. Home Décor. Funny people. Kindness. 3 year olds. Owls.
…just to name a few.

multi jewel ring

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