Monday, July 19

my favorite tee.

so i had been working extremely hard on a tee that i was so excited about. i had great plans to list it in the shop. it was a gorgeous green color (just a hint of mint) and such a soft cotton. i was using a vintage crochet piece that i got a flea market and had been sooo excited to use. it was going to be perfect and sure to get lots of hearts (maybe...wishful thinking?). when it was finally finished, i sat back and looked at it and sadly enough for some etsy buyer, i just could not bare to part with it. i wore it to church yesterday morning with a high waisted floral skirt and gladiator sandals (sorry, forgot to take a pic) and recieved so many compliments. i'm thinking of making some more varities of the same type with different vintage pieces and in different colors. what do you think? (i put my tough skin on, so you can be honest).

and also, you will notice a lot of new things in my sidebars. there is a poll on the right side. and on the left, you can now follow me with bloglovin' or subsribe to posts. and best of all, there is a resources tab that i hope you find both amazing and interesting. i've still got many things to add to that page but i wanted to go ahead and share with you.

i also updated my 101 in 1001 list (it had been like 3 months, oops) and this week i will be working on my much neglected tumblr (shouts of joy).

oh and there are new journals in my shop and new jewelry coming soon. and the answer is yes, i have been really busy.



  1. That's gorgeous, I would definately start making more.

  2. It is fabulous! I would definitely make more and list them! :)

  3. Lovely design! Make more please!

  4. thanks so much for the words of encouragement! :)


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