Monday, August 9

love list: child at heart

I can remember being a little girl and going to the nearest superstore to do all my back to school shopping. I loved everything just like I do now, notebooks, pencils, and the occasional new bookbag. But if I could take what I know now and give it to that little girl I used to be, I think my back to school shopping would be done a little differently.

i would need a cute little pouch to keep my pencils in order.

and i would need this set of pencils to put in my pouch and to help me remember the important facts.

i would need an inspirational ring

and i would, of course, need a friendship bracelet to give my best friend.

i would need some mini notebooks to jot down my homework assignments.

i would need a cute little dress to wear on my first day of class. (oh my goodness, look at these outfits!)

and i would need some oxfords to wear with it.

i would need a girly coloring book to help keep my creativity flowing in those dull moments.

i would need a sweet vintage lunch box.

and i would need a chalkboard slate for taking cool notes.

and i would need some cupcake crayons, even though i probably wouldn't want to share.

i would need a journal to record all my memories and thoughts.

and i would need some nerdy heart glasses to make me look smarter.

what would you need to take on your first day back at school?

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