Tuesday, October 26

seven things

1. All this pretty inspiration of journals makes me wish I had a little more time on my hands right now so I could spend time on more than just the journal I write in every night. These all look so interesting and unique. I love the different shapes and sizes.

2. I'm in love with this living room area. Each piece has such a unique feel and so many of them have special meanings. I love all the color and the way vintage is mixed with new. This post is definitely a good read, and lots of eye candy.

3. I found this new etsy shop, Brydferth. I love everything, the colors are great and the styling is pretty too. I think I will be adding something from this shop to my Christmas wishlist.

4. Have you seen these gorgeous yarn letters yet? The Cranny etsy shop is just amazing and I am so glad to have found it through this blog. I would love to have several of these to spell out 'blueheart' in my studio.

5. And I am just so thrilled that it is finally boot season. Boots just complete the perfect wardrobe ensemble for me. (image source).

6. These words have made their way all over the internet, but I've never seen it like this before and I absolutely love it. (via here).

7. And you can read this adorable story about how Ruche was started by a young couple, Mai and Josh Olivio.


  1. I love that living room! Oh my goodness there is so much love there:)

    thank you also for the link love for both me and my sis!

    I appreciate all of the encouragement you leave for me over at my place! thank you1


  2. ohh I love all of your photos.. they're GREAT!!!

    don't forget to join my international giveaway ♥


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