Sunday, October 10


Just wanted to share with you what's been taking up all my time lately, and also the explanation for my absence of blog posts. I've was working hard preparing for a craft show that took place this weekend called Woodlake Days. It was really my first experience being a craft show vendor, and I definitely learned a lot about it. I kept my notebook with me so I could jot down ideas for the next show as I thought of them.

I covered my table with a ruffled light pink bed skirt and a vintage table cloth in pink and white floral that belonged to my great grandmother. I used vintage plates, trays, and a cake stand to display most of my jewelry.

I covered some wooden blocks with patterned papers and used a label maker to display the prices for different items. I kind of like the way they turned out, even though the font was a little small. And the lights over my booth were really putting a glare on the label tape so it was hard to get a good picture. I'm planning to make several label stickers that say 'blueheart' to label my wooden hangers for the next show.

And I borrowed a few earring displays from my boyfriends parents at the last minute and I'm thinking I really need to invest in some myself, the round one was perfect.

I used wooden hangers for all of my clothing. The tags I used for my clothing and some of my jewelry were stamped with a vintage sewing machine that was custom made for me here and I absolutely adore it. I also have a larger stamp that is similar but has a cursive 'blueheart' on it. I love them.

I found this vintage suitcase at a flea market this summer. I loved it but couldn't decide what I would do with it if I bought it. While I was trying to decide the guy came up and offered me a really good deal. I figured it must be meant to be, so it came home with me. I displayed my journals in it for the craft show. I made some doily labels to display the different types of filler papers. And I strung a 'BHB' garland across the top.

I feel like the show went pretty good. I feel like it was a good first time and I'm already looking forward to the next one. I even met another Etsy memeber, she's only had her shop open for about a month, but her fabric necklaces are so cute.

All the photos above were taken by me. Please do not use them unless you give credit and link back to my blog. thanks. xo.


  1. your tags,displays and set up all look really good!
    thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  2. Jess!

    I meant to comment on your post yesterday when I first read it. HOW AWESOME! I can't believe we had such similar experiences this past weekend. Your setup looks so great. Maybe one day we'll be in the same show!! Wouldn't that be awesome? Let's try to start finding some in between your city and mine. For real!!
    Glad to see your show went well!!

  3. What a beautiful display! And beautiful products of course! Congrats on your first show! :):)

  4. everything looks so great!!!! congrats


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