Thursday, November 25

50 things to be thankful for.


some are serious.
some are not.
(in no particular order)

1. sweet iced tea.
2. black and white photographs.
3. my family.
4. my very best friends.
5. the best guy everrr.
6. leaves.
7. home cooking.
8. my creativity.
9. the ability to have an etsy shop.
10. bright colored nail polish.
11. music that changes your life.
12. craft nights.
13. laughter. with others.
14. colored pencils and crayons.
15. my journals full of memories.
16. warm towels.
17. hot showers.
18. hot apple cider.
19. my grandmother's cookies.
20. my church family.
21. life.
22. clothing.
23. having something to smile about.
24. being healthy.
25. a job.
26. being able to go to college.
27. photographs.
28. crafty books.
29. my sewing machine.
30. a good roommate.
31. love that changes everything.
32. people that believe i can do it.
33. dreams.
34. movie nights with Ryan.
35. snowball fights.
36. cinnamon buns for breakfast.
37. fingerless gloves.
38. carmex.
39. hugs.
40. kisses.
41. love.
42. girls nights.
43. over sized bags.
44. Ryan always opening my doors.
45. old friends.
46. fleece blankets.
47. light.
48. my blog (and its readers!)
49. inspirational people.
50. a Savior.

what are you thankful for? it's good to be thankful for both serious and silly things, everything matters.


  1. I love this list. I am thankful for a bunch of the same things: cinnamon buns for breakfast :) crafty books, hot cider... the list goes on and on. Thanks for sharing this- I think I will make a list like this to hang here by my computer :)

  2. YAY for craft nights!!!! :)


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