Monday, October 19

i heart: affordable etsy finds

As the holidays start approaching, I start thinking in gift mode. I was browsing etsy and found some gift ideas for others or for yourself :) that are affordable. And I really heart them all.

1. i heart this ruffle photo album.
2. i heart these tempest earrings.
3. i heart these vintage bobbies.
4. i heart this cursive calendar.

1. i heart these peacock envelopes.
2. i heart this collection.
3. i heart this bookend.
4. i heart these catalog envelopes.

1. i heart these love birds.
2. i heart these notebooks.
3. i heart this hello chick.
4. i heart these camera bags.


  1. Super cute finds and I can't believe how affordable they are! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. aren't they though? love it! :)

  3. Awesome ideas!


  4. Loving the under $10 green bird bookend!

    ♥ xtine

  5. Thank you all! I always love sharing great finds and your feedback is encouraging!


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