Friday, October 16

weekend wishes

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that it is full of all the things you wish it to be full of. Spend time with your loved ones and cherish each moment.

If you have time,check out lobsterandswan on etsy (the above image came from here) and take time to read the lobster and swan blog. She has some amazing images and I love her record the day posts, they are such wonderful inspiration.

This weekend I am going to be sharing a small space in a booth at a craft first one! I'm taking all of the items in my etsy shop with me but I will list anything that I don't sell at the show on etsy sometime next week. Hopefully I will be able to take some pictures and share them with you on Monday.

Happy weekend.


  1. lobsterandswan - what an intriguing name! Have to admit I don't quite understand the record the day stuff - do you know, is it actual collages she's making? Beautiful blog, anyway - thanks for sharing, and have fun at your craft show! I've never been to one either, but it sounds exciting.

  2. It is a really neat name! As for the record the day stuff - yes they are collages of bits of inspiration that she collects or dreams up and that's her way of organizing them. I think she uses oversized notecards. It really is a great idea, my inspiration falls rather short of organized.

  3. I hope your first craft market went well. Watch out they're addictive! I started last June and can't stop.

    ps- lobsterandswan is one of my favourite blogs!


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