Thursday, April 22

love list: eco-friendly shops

Happy Earth Day! Just wanted to share some eco-friendly shops that are in my favorites. Some of them are eco-friendly in some unexpected ways which is really great. I like to remember that vintage shops and buying vintage is also another way to be ecofriendly because not only are you saving something from going to a landfill but you are helping to extend its life.

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Ten things I & Mine do to be 'greener' :

1. Line dry or hang dry clothing. Did you know your dryer is the second most energy consuming appliance in your house?

2. Grow some of your own food. You can even trade them with neighbors that grow different fruits veggies.

3. Don't turn the lights on for as long as possible. Opening the curtains or blinds and letting in natural light is not only saving energy but very calming and relaxing.

4. Wash everything in cold water rather than hot. Very few pieces of my clothing have care labels that require anything other than cold water for washing, and those that do I either try to hand wash or put them in a load all their own.

5. Completely turn off the computer at night (or during the day while you are working or out). Obviously we don't use our computer while we sleep, so save some energy and turn it off.

6. Save your plastic cups from fast food restaurants. We always save the big plastic to-go cups from McDonald's. Not only are you keeping more plastic from reaching the landfill but you can reuse them for beverages, storage (cover with pretty paper and insert paint brushes :) ) and when you can't get anymore use out of them, you can always make sure they find their way to the recycling bin.

7. Shop at thrift stores, or donate to them. Save good pieces by giving them a new or extended life.

8. Turn down the heat or a/c during the day. On days that no one is home during the day, we turn down the heat or a/c (depending on the season) to save energy. We don't need it running while no one is there and whenever we get home, then we can adjust it to our needs.

9. Hand-them-down. Some of the girls in my family are around the same size and we like to trade clothing around with each other so we get new things without spending money or throwing them away. Old t-shirts and towels are cut up and made into rags and used for cleaning.

10. During the summer we usually stick a bucket in the shower while we let the water heat up then we use the clean, unused water for watering plants.

What do you and yours do to be 'greener'? I'd love to hear some.

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  1. LOVE this post. I'm going to link it on my Friday post :) I also love all the shops and items you listed. :)


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