Friday, April 23

treasury east.

I discovered Treasury East the other day and I have completely fallen in love. Although I love Treasury and Treasury West, Treasury East has to be my favorite type of treasury yet. It is still in the testing process and Etsy still has many changes they are hoping to make to it like being able to follow your favorite curators and recieving updates when your favorites create new treasuries or you are included a treasury.

Treasury East has no limitations, it never expires and not only is there no limit to how many treasuries per curator, but there is no limit to how many treasuries are allowed. I'm sure that many would believe this takes away from the 'speacialness' of snagging a treasury and I have to say I completely agree, however, I think this limitlessness is the next step towards diversifying etsy with so many more curators and no expiration dates (more viewing and sharing).

I just wanted to share with you something of the things I love about Treasury East and maybe even help give you some direction as to how to use it, or inspiration as to how to use it.

  • Creating a list simply requires copying and pasting of the URL and Etsy is still working on ways to make this even easier.

  • It's supposed to be a preview of the 'wider' Etsy. So yes, that means you get up to 16 items in a treasury as opposed to only 12.

  • Rearranging your treasury is a piece of cake. You simply move the objects around, just like you do with the 'rearrange your shop' feature.

  • No more flash means faster loading.

  • On the main Treasury East page, you can see the first three items of all the lists, really comes in handy for deciding if you want to click or not.

  • They can be used for inspiration, wishlists, gift guides, team promotion, or anything else you can think of.

  • Inside Treasury East you can click "Your Treasuries" to view and manage all the treasuries you have created.

  • Treasuries are only deleted by the curator and can also be saved and edited at any time. This means you can even use the same treasury over and over again, clearing it out without ever deleting it.

Here are links to two Treasury Easts I have already made: my spring wardrobe. and vintage lovelies.

If you would like to make your own, click here and then you can click '+ New Treasury' to begin creating. As far as I know, there is no direct link to Treasury East from Etsy.

So my plan is to keep a treasury that I constantly keep updating with favorite items and great finds. I hope to keep the theme changing. I put a link to 'my east' in the sidebar under the 'find me here' section at the top of this blog. I haven't started it yet or come up with the first theme so I would love your suggestions.

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