Monday, July 12

new things.

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it's a new day. a new week. and sadly, i am back from the beach.
it was so sad to leave all the relaxation and think of coming back
home to the chaos. but it was so nice to sleep in my own bed.

i added a little somethin' something' to the blog this weekend.
a little box in my sidebar called 'my pages' that i have been working on.
it's on the left hand side if you scroll down a little.
there's really only one page right now, i'm still working on the rest.
but it is a really good page full of lots of lovely things.
a.k.a. my list of favorite blogs.
hopefully you find some new discoveries there.

also new this week will be a series i am so excited to begin!
a etsy featured seller series.
i've already got the first interview lined up and it will be amazing.
there is so much talent on etsy and i can't wait to share
some of the great etsy shops i have discovered.
stayed tuned for a really inspiring love list coming tomorrow.
i've found lots of new favorite shops.
i was shocked to see that i had 525 favorite shops.
'obsessed' i think would be putting it lightly.

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  1. Welcome home!! :) Love the new pages-- and thanks for the link to my blog :)


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