Thursday, July 8

A Picnic State of Mind

Hi everyone! It’s an honour to once again step in for Jessica! I am Rebecca of {The Ardent Sparrow} (Shop, Blog) Summer is in full swing here and we’ve been enjoying every minute... My two year old’s favourite thing to do these days is have a picnic... By that, I mean she loves to eat on a blanket in the backyard! These picnic ideas are a bit more inspirational... But I love sitting on well-loved quilt in the backyard, watching my girls enjoy a meal... That’s pretty close to perfect for me! Enjoy... And perhaps this post will put you in a picnic state of mind.

1. Picnic

2. Lovely Ladies

3. Strawberry Picnic

4. Picnic in a Field of Flowers

5. Pink Picnic

6. Tea in a Meadow

7. Love Shoot

8. Donna Hay Picnic

9. Orchard Picnic

10. Child’s Picnic

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