Wednesday, August 11

autumn excitement.

I'm so in love with EmersonMade. All of their styling and photography is so full of life. The colors are amazing for fall and I just adore all of the flowers. I'm so glad they came out with a clothing line, if only I had the nerve to consult my pocketbook for some major spending.

I love the personality of Emerson that comes out in her blog and all her writing. I love how she describes the ArtistFlowerMakers as going through the Tears of Rigorous Training as ApprenticeFlowerMakers before graduating to become the ArtistFlowersMakers. (here)

And I also love here little post about King Cottonball (here) and the way she adds 'voices' to so much of her photography with her hens and ducks. And this quote: "i promise to never show your Underwears when you sit down." -e.m. OldSchool Straight Legs

all images from emersonmade website/blog.

Do you have a favorite EmersonMade piece? Are you in love with their styling as much as I am? Are you so excited that you have to go check your pocketbook right now??

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  1. How is it possible that I have not heard of this gorgeous site?!!? I love everything! Thanks for introducing me :)


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