Friday, August 13

seven things.

1. I've decided I really need to read this.

2. I found Selina Lake's blog and I am so glad because I love her styling and I think she is so inspirational. I can't wait until her next book comes out.

3. I think these vintage spools hanging from the ceiling are just the perfect touch. (via decor8).

4. I found this really cute Etsy shop, Yes Jess, and I am definitely going to order one of these for this fall and winter.

5. I just adore this photo shoot of Danni and Nicholas from oh hello friend.

6. I will be posting about this Goals Challenge early next week. I'm so excited and inspired. You can find out about it from Elsie at A Beautiful Mess.

7. And I am moving into an apartment on Sunday. It will be rather small and I can't have all my things, but my roommate is awesome and I think it will be a lot of fun. I hope to have some pictures. (image source).


  1. All so the things you find. Love Danni's pic....and the spools are fabulous :)

  2. Ohhh...and...hope your move goes well! Excited about seeing the pictures.
    Happy weekend to you

  3. I'm off to check out Selina Lake's blog - thanks for the recommendation!

  4. I hadnt heard of this book! Thankd for posting!

  5. all such great things! i need that first reading things like that:)

    hope the move went exciting for you!


  6. I really enjoyed checking out all these links, I liked the decor8 site and elsie flannagan. Have become a follower for you, check out my blog @ Jane:)

  7. And, I did the quizz too... Jane :)


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