Tuesday, November 9

earn your merit badge

aren't these badges so adorable. i want about ten of them.

this for pushing the envelope.

this for making a house a home.

this for surviving first love.

this for having a bun in the oven.

this for cutting it close.

this for having your head in the clouds.

all images are from this adorable little etsy shop: leemeszaros and there are so many more merit badges to look at.

I think I would deserve the badge for 'surviving first love' and for 'drawing a blank' because I am awful at remembering names with faces. Which badge do you think you've already earned?


  1. !!! These Badges are adorable!! YES defiantly need that 'Surviving First Love' Badge haha.. I also like 'Having your head in the clouds' :D


  2. ah!! these are amazing and adorable and i love every one!! thanks for sharing!

  3. oh.my.goodness. these are ADORABLE! I want the bun in the oven one :) I qualify! Weeeee! :)


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