Monday, November 15

pretty things.

i've been so busy this weekend make lots of pretty things. it just makes me so happy when i finally get some down time to just create things for myself. i do love creating for my etsy shop, but you know, sometimes you have to take time just for yourself.

i had bought this pretty vintage journal a few weeks ago and i had been contemplating what to do with it. you can probably guess what i decided to use it for just by the lettering i added to the cover.

and do you also notice this adorable grey felt bow, i made that too. i'm completely in love with the way that it turned out and i can't wait to add it my wardrobe this week. and the lovely yarn in you see here, has already been put to good use as well.

i've been experimenting with my crochet skills, even though they are very basic. i had a wave of inspiration friday night and created this cuff with an adorable peachy pink bow. it fits me perfectly and i loved wearing it yesterday.

i added a little sweetness to the wooden hangers i use in my studio for my handmade clothing. i used a label maker to spell out 'blueheart' and it probably only took me about 5 minutes to prettify twenty five hangers. so simple and yet it makes the world of difference when i see them hanging all in a row.

i added some paper snowflakes to my bedroom door. it's no where near snowing weather here but i'm trying to get in the mood since the holiday season is literally just around the corner. i'm working on a plan for a wreath to add to the door as we speak. :)

i'm also working on a project that i am so giddy about, i can't wait until it's done. all i have to show you right now is a sneak peek, but i will be posting before and afters whenever i'm completely finished.

what did you invest your time in this weekend? crafting? family? peace and quiet?

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  1. thanks for stopping by :)
    your cuff is really cute-love the pink !
    have a great day~


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