Wednesday, December 8

fashion inspiration: keiko lynn

If you have ever read Keiko Lynn's blog, you know she is full of fashion inspiration (and if you haven't read her blog, you are about to find out). Keiko always seems to find the best thrift store treasures, and she knows just how to piece an outfit together with different colors and textures. And at the end of her posts, she usually includes 'outfit details' which include the sources for most of her wardrobe pieces and accessories. Some days, whenever I feel a lack of inspiration from my wardrobe, I like to browse through her outfit posts and the inspiration just flows.

I love that when I browse through all of Keiko's outfits, I can see pieces that she has repeated and worn with different things that bring out a completely different look. That's what makes her a 'real' fashion inspiration. Are you inspired by her looks as much as I am?


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