Thursday, December 9

seven things

1. I found a beautiful studio tour with Sadie Olive on the Oh, Hello Friend blog.

2. Here is a super DIY stocking tutorial from Free People inspired by stockings they sold a few years ago.

3. I am so sad that I missed out on this little cutie, but from what I read in Kaelah's post she is going to be listing alot more from her collection (yay!).

4. If you will notice, the tabs at the top of my blog have changed a tiny bit, and they are going to continue having some minor changes. There is now a daily reads section. But do not fret! The 'lovely blogs' section is now in the right sidebar and I will be adding more blogs throughout next week! If you would like to have your blog listed in the 'lovely blogs' please send me an e-mail ( and if your blog is a nice fit, it will be added within 48 hours!

5. I just discovered that this book will be coming out next summer and I can hardly wait for it! (Honestly I had no idea there was a first one, but I guess that would be 'old news').

6. I have this unconditional love for bows. No matter what, I see a bow, and I love it. Right now I am adoring these quilted bows from the Lemon Jitters etsy shop.

7. I've been working on some new items for my shop and they will be appearing in the next week or so. I really love them, the first one I made, I kept for myself. But I'm not telling you what it is just yet! But here are some of the yummy yarn colors I used.


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  1. ow fun! i love sadie olive's style.i just found lemon jitters last week-she;s got a great shop...thanks for sharing those stocking's link.they look great:)


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