Friday, February 11

the 21 list.

21 things I hope to accomplish or have happen in my life before I'm 22

[1] Marry my best friend.
[2] Make homemade ice cream.
[3] Create a 'line' of dresses.
[4] Finish Ryan & mine's video.
[5] Paint a piece of furniture.
[6] Design some cute hair accessories.
[7] Find a place for me and Ryan to live with lots of vintage charm.
[8] Buy a Instax Mini
[9] Take a road trip to visit the Red Velvet Store!
[10] Give my blog a serious makeover.
[11] Start sponsorships on the blog.
[12] Make a pom-pom garland.
[13] Go to a drive-in movie (gasp! I've never been!)
[14] Make a video with Mackenzie.
[15] Have a picnic photoshoot.
[16] Start having outfit posts by me on the blog.
[17] Make my wedding veil/hairpiece.
[18] Do another craft show (omg!)
[19] Take Elsie's Dream Job e-course she mentioned here.
[20] Make some lovely bridesmaid gifts (or order them, whatever).
[21] Have a drastic hair change (dont' worry...after the wedding).

p.s. notice the lovely photo above? taken by Mackenzie on a little adventure we took downtown in our hometown.


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