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Just wanted to share a guest post that I did over at Odelma Vintage last week, in case anyone needs any last minute valentine date ideas. These definitely work for year round, though. Ryan's family owns their own florist business, so valentine's is never a big holiday for us, plus this year I have an exam on the 15th, so I will be studying on Vday. Isn't that fun. Ha!

Sometimes Ryan and I go through these stages where we just have like a mental block, and completely lack creative ideas for dates. With Valentine's coming up, I've been trying to think of a cute idea for a date night and I ended up making quite a long list (I know, he's a lucky guy, what can I say). The dates actually have nothing to do with Valentine's day, so you could easily make mental note of these and use them all year long.

I started thinking about movie nights, first of all. Usually that consists of staying in and watching a rental, or going out to eat dinner and then going to the theater (um, hello, that gets expensive after a while!). So I came up with some different ideas that are basically 'redefining' what I think of as a 'movie night' and definitely won't break your wallet.


one. be the stars in your own romantic comedy
Instead of sitting on the couch and watching a movie, get out your video camera and write, produce, and star in your own movie. You can always just record yourselves talking about why you love each other, describing each other, or answering fun questions about the other one. Or if you and your lover are really creative, come up with your own story line and create your own scenes to put together and make your own short film! These videos will not only be something fun for the date night, but will be a keepsake memory for you to watch (and laugh at, or cry) years down the road.


two. watch a cheesy movie.
This one is definitely one of mine and Ryan's favorites. We love finding scary movies (on tv or rentals) that are so 'cheesy' that it's impossible to find them scary. It's so much fun to watch them together and laugh at how bad some of the acting or special effects are (and it's good for me because I usually can't sleep after watching 'real' horror movies). They are usually older movies, so sometimes they are harder to find but it's definitely worth it. The latest one we watch was something like 'Malibu Shark Attack' and it actually is from 2009, but it just didn't turn out that good, although it's great for this purpose, and for laughing at. We've also watched 'the Poltergeist' and then some movie about aliens that look like humans, but I can't remember the name of it.


three. have a memory movie night.
Dig through all your old boxes and bring out the old videos from when the two of you were kids growing up, or even movies from when you first started dating if you have been together long enough. It's really fun to take a trip down memory lane and you will be able to share stories and memories with each other about your lives. Did I mention that this movie night can cost relatively nothing? Unless of course, you have to search to find a VHS player, which is somewhat difficult these days! But it will definitely make for an unforgettable night, and it's a great way for the two of you to become closer.

Do you have any 'redefined' takes on movie nights? Or have you ever done any of these I mentioned?


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