Tuesday, February 15

awkward & awesome

If you have ever read The Daybook you probably already look forward to Thursdays because you know Sydney will probably be doing an awkward & awesome post and you just can't wait to read it. Well that's how I feel, anyways. It cracks me up to read some of her awkward situations, those are definitely my favorite. I had enough situations this past week to come up with my own post, so I am doing just that and I hope you will sit down with your favorite drink and share the awkwardness with me.


- Trying to open the door at the same time that someone on the other side is trying to open the door, and then not being sure who should go through it first, so you stand there hoping the other person will move already!
- Walking into class late and half the people in the room turn and stare at you until you sit down. (Ouch! That happened twice this week...my bus was late).
- Halfway through class you just happen to look down and notice that you have lunch crumbs all over your blouse. Even more awkward when you have to brush the crumbs off.
- You know, the thing where you had a late night and you just can't seem to hold your eyelids open and you feel your pencil drop out of your hand, but you can't really stop it, and then your head falls and for a second you come out of the doze and your head snaps back up, and then you have to blink a lot to wake back up. And then you look around the room to see if anyone saw you do that (oops! they definitely did.).
- Being in a restroom with three other ladies who are talking to each other from the stalls. Even more awkward when you have no clue what language they are speaking.
- When you are walking down the sidewalk and you hear someone coming up behind you quickly, then next thing you know they are walking beside you, in stride. So you slow down to break it, then when you get to the building they wait and hold the door open for you. Uh, thanks?
- Telling your mom this awesome story about the shoes you bought her for her birthday and how you almost couldn't find them in her size in the right color but then because of some miracle...Huh? Oh. You wear a 6? I could have sworn you wore a 6 1/2. Are you sure?
- The granny in the checkout line in front of me taking forever because she has to ask all of the nearby cashiers if they think this top will fit her 7 year old granddaughter. Um, probably, because I hear they are making 7 years old in standard sizes these days, so the one size fits all rule applies here.
- The fact that my english class requires me to give a powerpoint presentation about myself, explaining why my classmates should want to pick me to be in their group for a project. Um, I'm really shy? Oh wait, that's a negative, never mind.


- Scoring a pair of sparkly gold shoes from a going out of business sale. woot!
- The fact that the weather here just might get above 50 degrees this weekend. Have I ever told you I hate wearing jackets?
- My boss sending me an email after I left work on Wednesday, just to tell me that she doesn't say thank you enough for the things I do. No, thank you. ;)
- I'm putting away my Christmas decorations this weekend. No, sillies, I haven't had them out this long, I took them down a month ago. And then the boxes sat in the living room, which is actually where they still are right now. (scribbles on her to do list).
- The fact that I had a really stressful Monday and when I saw Ryan that night he immediately went and got a piece of paper and scribbled a coupon for 'one free back rub' that supposedly has no expiration date and can be used any one day that I want it, no objections. (We'll see how that one pans out, haha).
- Southern sweet iced tea. Yes, I mean the kind that's loaded with sugar. It's so addicting.
- The fact that wedding planning is really coming together now. We have our locations for ceremony and reception, our photographer, bridal party, and my dream dress :) And we officially have a date: July 30, 2011. That's 165 days friends. (No, I don't have a countdown programmed in my phone. Psht, that would be crazy.).

so what were your awkward & awesomes this week?


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