Monday, February 21

dinner date ideas with Mattie

--Hey there!

It's Mattie again over from Odelma to share with you a few simple and sweet date ideas!


Last time, I focused on outdoor date ideas, so I thought I'd switch it up and talk about a few indoor ones. These are also centered around something I'm sure all of us enjoy--food!


ONE. This one is such an easy, throw-together-last-minute night. Chunk some big blankets and pillows on the floor of the living room, grab your dinner, and enjoy! A picnic in the living room of sorts. Such a cozy and laid back atmosphere. Definitely a favorite of mine!


TWO. One word -- FONDUE!


THREE. Another simple thought. One of you cook dinner while the other cooks dessert! Great way to both get involved with the preparation of a meal. Fun times, for sure.


FOUR. Getting tired of the same ol' food? Switch it up and throw in some themed meals every so often. Mexican, Italian, Indian, Chinese. So many options! Heck, even decorate the table based off of your theme and make a mini-party out of it.


FIVE. Not into cooking? Go grab your favorite fast food meal, bring it home, and break out the fancy china. Such a lovely contrast you'll create and it turns your average, everyday fast food night into something a little more fun and special.

As always, thanks for having me!! Such a pleasure. What's your favorite at home dinner date?


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