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date night ideas with Mattie

Hi there!

I'm Mattie from Odelma Vintage.
As if you guys are completely unaware, I just wanted to remind you that Valentine's day is quickly approaching! My boyfriend, Luke, and I wouldn't really classify ourselves as the type of couple that gets wrapped up in the holiday. I do love my fair share of cutesy things, lovely sentiments, and sweet times, but we try to stick to meaningful ways to celebrate us. The way we do that varies from year to year, depending on our place in life, but one thing that we do try to remember is that Valentine's day is no different than any other day in our lives.

Luke and I try to celebrate us and our relationship on a regular basis. Sometimes we have to intentionally take a break from the mundane, and just enjoy each other for no other reason than just because. So with all of that being said, I thought I'd share with you a few different date ideas not only in honor of "The Hallmark Holiday," but also for your every day celebration. Jess and I will be guest blogging fun date ideas on each other's blog in the month of February, and I'm super excited to get to be here.

With this first post, I wanted to give some date ideas that ranged from pricey to cheap to easy to a little more complicated. I also noticed that my ideas for this post ended up all being outdoors, so we'll go with that "theme" this week. ;)

Date 1: Outdoor Movie
I love this idea. Set up some white paper and a projector and you've got yourself your own drive in movie (or picnic and a movie, hammocks and a movie, etc.) Find out how other bloggers set up their version of the outdoor movie on Poppytalk and Oh Happy Day.


Date 2: Outdoor Dinner
So simple and romantic. Sprinkle around some christmas lights, candles, even flashlights and you have yourself a cosy little setup that turns ordinary dinner into something special. Try to pick a spot where you can see those stars twinkle, too!


Date 3: Hot Air Balloon Ride
If you're feeling up for an adventure, try out They specialize in all types of sky adventures around your area. My favorite is the hot air balloon. It'd definitely be a celebration to remember!

Well thanks for having me over! I hope you enjoy these ideas as much as I do. :) See ya soon.

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