Monday, January 24

my pinboard: pretty hair

Hopefully by now most of you have heard of Pinterest, and if you haven't, you are most certainly missing out and need to check it out immediately. I feel like I fall in love with Pinterest more every single day. It's the perfect picture book of inspiration and I absolutely love that it keeps reference to the original site it was pinned from. The way the images are laid out and organized is just a perfect visual display, very eye pleasing. And I love that users can create Pinboards on any topic they choose. I have 23 Pinboards now and I can't even decide which one is my favorite because they all have so many beautiful, inspiring images.

Lately I have been obsessed with finding hairstyles I love, and photos of women and girls with beautiful hair. And I discovered that I must have a thing for braids, because they definitely dominate my pretty hair Pinboard. I thought I should share these with you today because I added quite a bit over the weekend and it really is a great source of inspiration.

Have you started using Pinterest yet? Do you have a specific purpose you use it for or is it just all types of inspiration? I had thought I would make wedding inspiration categories like wedding dress, flowers, guestbook, etc. but I thought I would have to sacrifice my other Pinboards and I just love them too much. What's your favorite thing about Pinterest?

(for more hair inspiration view my whole Pinboard)


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  1. These are all sooo pretty. I love braids too.


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