Tuesday, March 22

my apology.

As you all may know, I have been somewhat absent from the blogopshere lately. I have been under so much pressure with taking 18 hours, working, and trying to plan a wedding and unfortunately at this time I felt that the blog needed to sit on the back-burner for a while. I'm not promising lots of post in the next few days, but expect to see a little more activity, and then I will return completely in May after this semester is over.

However, despite my busyness, I felt there is an issue that I need to address. Several months ago I wrote a post about an Etsy shop called Miss Violet Lace that sold handmade wigs. I was so impressed with her work, and I am sure many of you were too. This post has now been deleted because of some recent uncoverings about a scandal.

Apparently all of this has occurred while I have been taking some absence from the blog, and I apologize for not being aware of it sooner. I personally have very little knowledge of the scandal, but you can read more at Kaelah's blog if you would like the full story on the scandal.

I think it is so sad that someone would abuse innocent people in a such a way. I think in this society we have come to expect false advertising from large corporations, but whenever it happens in the independent industry, with such a personal setting, it is much more disheartening. I hope that this scandal doesn't influence anyone against buying from Etsy, there are many honest independent artist's out there and I still fully believe in supporting them.

Once again, my apologies to anyone that was affected by the MVL scandal.


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