Monday, April 4

5 essentials for spring 2011.

Time seems to be flying by these days, but spring has definitely not snuck up on me. I have been waiting for the day when it's warm enough to ditch the heavy jacket and closed toed shoes. Not to mention, pastels are so much more my color palette than dark blacks and navy shades.

So with the anticipation of spring finally arriving, I have been thinking about the essentials that I need to be adding to my wardrobe this season. I came up with my top 5 list, but believe me it was so hard to narrow things down because there are so many amazing styles out there.

The Top 5 Essentials for Spring 2011,
according to Blueheart

Essential 1: A floral dress.

Floral Dresses

1 Ruche 2 Delia's 3 & 4 ModCloth
5 Top Shop 6 American Eagle 7 Top Shop

Essential 2: A pair of oxford shoes.

Oxford Shoes

1 Kohl's 2 Nordstorm 3 Top Shop 4 Ruche
5 Forever 21 6 Anthropologie 7 DSW 8 UO 9 ModCloth

Essential 3: Feather jewelry.

Feather Jewelry

1 UO 2 Fossil 3 ModCloth 4 ASOS 5 1928
6 Wet Seal 7 Need Supply 8 ModCloth 9 UO 10 H of H 1960

Essential 4: A spring cardigan.

Spring Cardis

1 Anthropologie 2 J Crew 3 Ruche
4 Buckle 5 Delia's 6 ModCloth

Essential 5: A bag with a bow.

Bow Bags

1 Top Shop 2 Betsey Johnson 3 Tillys 4 Nordstorm
5 Ruche 6 Lori's Shoes 7 Nordstorm

So I've shared my favorites with you, now what are your favorites? What are you thinking is a 'got to have it' for your spring wardrobe?



  1. you are right on. just making look at all of these makes me swoon...!

  2. i am all about floral dresses!! and all your other pics....but i am so wanting a pair of sandal clogs too
    all the best


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