Friday, April 29

Friday's Fancies #2

I debated getting up early this morning to watch the Royal Wedding television {it comes on at 4am here}. Then I decided that was a bad idea. So I debated I debated staying up all night to watch it. Then I decided that was an even worse idea. I have to get up for class at 5:30am anyway, so I am hoping to catch some glimpses of it while I get ready.

For some reason Ryan isn't quite as excited as I am about the wedding {I don't get it}. I'm no where near as obsessed as some people have gotten, but I am a little addicted to reading The Royal Wedding blog. I found out Kate sometimes calls Will, Mr. Darcy as a cute nickname {fitting, right?}, that everyone has to stop eating dinner whenever the queen is finished {better eat quick}, and that I am all to excited to see what Harry's date, Chelsy wears to the wedding!

Even though I won't be attending the wedding, it's a Friday's Fancies post, so that means I get to pretend I'm doing whatever I want. So naturally, I'm going to pretend that I am among the other wedding guests, at Westminster Abbey, in my lovely wedding attire.

via long distance loving

{av} is the host of Friday's Fancies and she did her research to find what type of dress one should wear to a royal wedding. Her recommendations include a pretty purse, the perfect pair of pumps, possibly a fancy hat, and tasteful jewelry. In the process of creating a look from scratch, I "re-stumbled" upon BHLDN and I fell in love with their looks, which surprisingly would be perfect wedding attire, headpieces and all. Here are my faves:

The Twirled Sweetheart Dress and Velvet Cocktail Hat.

The L'Appel Palette Dress and The Voluminous Silk Headband.

Limoncello and The Del Sole Comb.

The Starburst Pleated Shift Dress and Peony Hairpin.

The Backrun Sheath and The White Meidland Sunner.

It's really hard for me to choose a favorite {good thing I'll be watchin' in my jammies} but after looking at them all, I definitely want everything from BHLDN.

So what will/would you be wearing to the royal wedding?



  1. BHLDN has the best dresses! great roundup! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. Thank you! They do have the best dresses, I'm in love! :)

  3. The Limoncello or the Starburst were my favorites--though I had a hard time choosing! SO thrilled you linked up again for Friday’s
    ! I can't wait to see what you create for this week :) I'm so honored to have you as a FF Faithful! xoxo {av}


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