Friday, April 22

Friday's Fancies

Hello lovelies. It's been such a long week for me. One more week left to the semester and then a week of finals, and I am definitely feeling the pressure now. But on to a happier subject! This post is the first of what is going to become a fairly frequent friday feature (that's a lot of f-words!). The feature is called Friday's Fancies and you can give all credit to this pretty girl for coming up with it!

The idea of Friday's Fancies is to choose an outfit for Friday or for the weekend that is unlimited to spending! So you're imagination can run wild! Sound exciting yet? I thought so too, but there's even more creativeness. If you really have a weekend event to create something fun for, you can go with that. If you don't, or you just want to get creative, you can create what you wish you would be doing in the outfit this weekend. So here goes nothing, er, something.

Sparkly Beach Party

Dress: Halston Heritage Sandals: Alaia Earrings: Charm and Chain
Bangles: Velcenza Scarf: Jill Sander Hat: Nordstorm
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The Story: With all the rain and random cold weather we have been having here, all I can think about is being some place warm. So I am dreaming that Ryan and I are just going to drive on over to the beach (and pretend it's a short drive away) and attend a gorgeous party on the beach. There will be a bonfire and roasting of marshmellows, candles will be lit everywhere (because it will already be dark) and a few of our friends will be singing and playing guitar. So naturally my first thoughts for planning this outfit were: flowy and sparkly. So this pretty floral maxi dress will work perfectly, and I can picture me wearing it while Ryan and I dance on the beach! And of course, any occasion with some candles and music requires a girl to be sparkly. So golden gladiator sandals, bangles, and dangle earrings will make me glisten. Then, just because I'm still feeling cool from the cold weather here, I had to include this scarf for later that evening. And my favorite accessory to the outfit is the fedora hat. I've been in love with those babies lately! And best of all, that hat is the one part of this Friday's Fancies outfit that isn't too fancily out of my budget.

So who's with me on the sparkly beach party?



  1. Mackenzie PhillipsApril 27, 2011 at 9:04 PM

    i'm right behind you with top down and the guitar in the back seat and my hair blowing in the wind!!! p.s. love Love LOVE the fedora hat (now i know what they are called!!!) lol

  2. I simply cannot get enough of that Halston Heritage dress....or the fact you love Friday’s Fancies like I do! You are much too sweet for the compliments--and I'm so happy to know that I'll have you as a Friday's Fancies Faithful! Hope you're managing the schoolwork ok...and that FF posts are a welcome distraction! xoxo {av}

  3. that dress is gorgeous!! and mixed with those accessories, WOW!!

    Hope you have a great easter weekend!! ;)

  4. Thanks! I would love to be wearing it tonight, at a warm beach party. But I was actually cuddled up on the couch listening to tornado sirens. Not quite as extravagant! ;)

    Thanks for following! <3

  5. LOVE this outfit, that dress is amazing! as is the fedora :) love your blog! now following :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams


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