Monday, May 16

popped the OTHER question.

In case you didn't know, I'm engaged! and the wedding is a little over two months away. Plans are completely underway and I'm a little behind on sharing this post with you {like it happened in January, behind} but it's really the only wedding planning I have pictures of so far.

Back in January, I decided it was time to ask my girls to be my bridesmaids. But of course, I couldn't just bluntly ask them, "Hey, wanna walk down the aisle on my big day?" so I came up with something they could keep.

I have two Maid of Honors, four bridesmaids, and on junior bridesmaid. {Gasp! That's a lot of attendants, Jess! I know. But it was hard to choose.} I made each of them a little book with a short sweet note talking about our friendship and asking them to be my bridesmaid. I even included rings for them to wear at the wedding if they accepted. So it really kind of was like popping the other question.

I put pretty paper on the front with a turquoise blue dress. Unfortunately the dresses looked more like dresses when I sketched them on paper than when I cut them out. My mom said it looked like a bow tie. Either way, I think it got the point across.

In the end I tied it altogether with turquoise ribbon. Then I slipped them in kraft paper bags, each stamped with their names {forgot to take a picture of those}. Thankfully they all said yes and I'm so excited that they will all be there to celebrate mine and Ryan's big day!



  1. omg i just realized that the second pic down, the one in the middle, that's mine!!! yay! :) just so you know, i'm excited to be apart of your big day!! it's a little late but better late than never!!!


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