Wednesday, November 30

jessica chronicled

Just wanted to give you all an update.

I have moved my blog to jessica chronicled so that I can redefine the things that I blog about. It is a much more personal blog and focus a lot more on style, photography, and my faith. You might also have noticed that my shop was closed for much longer than I planned. Well it is in the works of re-opening with a lot more items and product styling, so don't forget to keep your eye on it in the next few weeks.


Thursday, May 19

The I'm Getting Married Sale


Because I'm getting married this summer and going to be moving into a new place, I decided to have a sale in my etsy shop in hopes of reducing the amount of items I have to pack up and move. The shop will be closed for the month of July and possibly the month of August, depending on how quickly we get settled in. Just enter the coupon code: BESTWISHES and receive 10% off your entire order before shipping. Spread the word! :)


Monday, May 16

popped the OTHER question.

In case you didn't know, I'm engaged! and the wedding is a little over two months away. Plans are completely underway and I'm a little behind on sharing this post with you {like it happened in January, behind} but it's really the only wedding planning I have pictures of so far.

Back in January, I decided it was time to ask my girls to be my bridesmaids. But of course, I couldn't just bluntly ask them, "Hey, wanna walk down the aisle on my big day?" so I came up with something they could keep.

I have two Maid of Honors, four bridesmaids, and on junior bridesmaid. {Gasp! That's a lot of attendants, Jess! I know. But it was hard to choose.} I made each of them a little book with a short sweet note talking about our friendship and asking them to be my bridesmaid. I even included rings for them to wear at the wedding if they accepted. So it really kind of was like popping the other question.

I put pretty paper on the front with a turquoise blue dress. Unfortunately the dresses looked more like dresses when I sketched them on paper than when I cut them out. My mom said it looked like a bow tie. Either way, I think it got the point across.

In the end I tied it altogether with turquoise ribbon. Then I slipped them in kraft paper bags, each stamped with their names {forgot to take a picture of those}. Thankfully they all said yes and I'm so excited that they will all be there to celebrate mine and Ryan's big day!


Friday, May 13

Friday's Fancies #3

Oh my gosh you guys. How lame am I for not posting for almost two weeks? So sorry about that. I had finals week and then some catching up to do on wedding plans. Good news is that I have an update on wedding plans coming to you on Monday! Excited? Me too.

So with all the mishap with Blogger yesterday, I didn't get to create my Friday's Fancies post on time, but I'm knocking it out right now. Better late than never, so as long as I get it in before midnight I think I'm safe to still call it Friday's Fancies.

I have a fitting for wedding dress alterations tomorrow and then my mom and I are going shopping for some engagement clothes for me. I've been trying to think up some outfits for Ryan and I so I decided to create this Friday's Fancies as if we had no budget to spend on engagement clothes {the true splurge is the boots}.


Monday, May 2

10 Things I Love About Summer

This week is Finals week (yes, I used the F-word!), so naturally all I can think about is how ready I am for summer.

10. Free time (especially for dates). (Pinterest)

9. Wavy hair. (Pinterest)

8. Fun nail polish. (Pinterest)

7. County fairs (and cotton candy and ferris wheel rides). (Pinterest)

6. Lemonade (its so much better in the summer for some reason!). (Pinterest)

5. Summer Lovin' (Pinterest)

4. Peep-toe shoes. (Pinterest)

3. Open windows and breezes. (Pinterest)

2. Moments like this. :) (Pinterest)

1. Weddings! More specifically, mine and Ryan's wedding this summer! (Pinterest)

*all images via Pinterest, click the (Pinterest) after each image to follow the source.


Friday, April 29

Friday's Fancies #2

I debated getting up early this morning to watch the Royal Wedding television {it comes on at 4am here}. Then I decided that was a bad idea. So I debated I debated staying up all night to watch it. Then I decided that was an even worse idea. I have to get up for class at 5:30am anyway, so I am hoping to catch some glimpses of it while I get ready.

For some reason Ryan isn't quite as excited as I am about the wedding {I don't get it}. I'm no where near as obsessed as some people have gotten, but I am a little addicted to reading The Royal Wedding blog. I found out Kate sometimes calls Will, Mr. Darcy as a cute nickname {fitting, right?}, that everyone has to stop eating dinner whenever the queen is finished {better eat quick}, and that I am all to excited to see what Harry's date, Chelsy wears to the wedding!

Even though I won't be attending the wedding, it's a Friday's Fancies post, so that means I get to pretend I'm doing whatever I want. So naturally, I'm going to pretend that I am among the other wedding guests, at Westminster Abbey, in my lovely wedding attire.

via long distance loving

{av} is the host of Friday's Fancies and she did her research to find what type of dress one should wear to a royal wedding. Her recommendations include a pretty purse, the perfect pair of pumps, possibly a fancy hat, and tasteful jewelry. In the process of creating a look from scratch, I "re-stumbled" upon BHLDN and I fell in love with their looks, which surprisingly would be perfect wedding attire, headpieces and all. Here are my faves:

The Twirled Sweetheart Dress and Velvet Cocktail Hat.

The L'Appel Palette Dress and The Voluminous Silk Headband.

Limoncello and The Del Sole Comb.

The Starburst Pleated Shift Dress and Peony Hairpin.

The Backrun Sheath and The White Meidland Sunner.

It's really hard for me to choose a favorite {good thing I'll be watchin' in my jammies} but after looking at them all, I definitely want everything from BHLDN.

So what will/would you be wearing to the royal wedding?


Monday, April 25

inspiration obesession

This girl is my newest fashion inspiration (reading her blog is my newest obsession). Kendi Everyday is a girl who moved to a small town and started a fashion blog, and goodness am I thankful for that! :) She's the inspiration behind the 30 for 30 challenges you might have seen going on throughout the blogosphere. So I am thinking that I am going to start a 30 for 30 this fall, you know, after all the wedding stress is over. What do you think? Have you done any 30 for 30 challenges? I'd love to see them! Link up!


Friday, April 22

Friday's Fancies

Hello lovelies. It's been such a long week for me. One more week left to the semester and then a week of finals, and I am definitely feeling the pressure now. But on to a happier subject! This post is the first of what is going to become a fairly frequent friday feature (that's a lot of f-words!). The feature is called Friday's Fancies and you can give all credit to this pretty girl for coming up with it!

The idea of Friday's Fancies is to choose an outfit for Friday or for the weekend that is unlimited to spending! So you're imagination can run wild! Sound exciting yet? I thought so too, but there's even more creativeness. If you really have a weekend event to create something fun for, you can go with that. If you don't, or you just want to get creative, you can create what you wish you would be doing in the outfit this weekend. So here goes nothing, er, something.

Sparkly Beach Party

Dress: Halston Heritage Sandals: Alaia Earrings: Charm and Chain
Bangles: Velcenza Scarf: Jill Sander Hat: Nordstorm
click here to go to Polyvore and find direct links

The Story: With all the rain and random cold weather we have been having here, all I can think about is being some place warm. So I am dreaming that Ryan and I are just going to drive on over to the beach (and pretend it's a short drive away) and attend a gorgeous party on the beach. There will be a bonfire and roasting of marshmellows, candles will be lit everywhere (because it will already be dark) and a few of our friends will be singing and playing guitar. So naturally my first thoughts for planning this outfit were: flowy and sparkly. So this pretty floral maxi dress will work perfectly, and I can picture me wearing it while Ryan and I dance on the beach! And of course, any occasion with some candles and music requires a girl to be sparkly. So golden gladiator sandals, bangles, and dangle earrings will make me glisten. Then, just because I'm still feeling cool from the cold weather here, I had to include this scarf for later that evening. And my favorite accessory to the outfit is the fedora hat. I've been in love with those babies lately! And best of all, that hat is the one part of this Friday's Fancies outfit that isn't too fancily out of my budget.

So who's with me on the sparkly beach party?


Wednesday, April 13

vote ♥

So remember my entry for the Design Your Look Challenge? Well it's time to vote! I'd appreciate it if you went over and voted for me...or any of the other submissions! There are over 113 looks submitted and it is so hard to choose a favorite! I haven't decided what I'm voting yet! Did any of you enter submissions?

If you want to view the submissions and vote, go here and if you would like to vote for me, you can post in the comments "Jessica - Blue Heart Love" and I would appreciate it very much! ( psst, I really want the dress! ;) )


Thursday, April 7

Design Your Look Submission

So you might remember that last week I asked you all to help me choose which look to submit in the Design Your Look Challenge hosted by Jess LC. Thank you so much to those of you that gave me your opinions and advice.

I ended up choosing Option 2: Just Peachy. It seemed to be the favorite and it is my favorite, too. I did make one change to the look however, by switching out the oxford flats for some wedges, thanks to a suggestion from one of you lovelies. But I think if I were to wear this outfit, it would definitely be hard to choose between the two shoes because I really loved them both with the dress.

Dress: Birdsnest Tote: Anthropologie Jewelry: JessLC
Cardigan: Warehouse Shoes: Rag & Bone Scarf: H&M

You can view the Jess LC facebook page to see a lot of the other submissions. And don't forget to check out the Jess LC site for some prettiness. ♥



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