Thursday, May 6

etsy gifts for your mom

Moms are special because we've known them our whole life. Not only are we made from their very beings, but they spent years taking care of us and inspiring us to become the best women we could be.

My mother is an artist, nature nut and very classy woman. She always looks sharp, loves her hikes, and knows just about any interesting worldwide fact you could imagine. She loves tea, coloring maps, cutting and pasting pics onto canvases into cool collages, and cooking gourmet, french Canadian dishes. I owe alot of my artsy flare to her, and am proud to say I'm her eldest daughter :)

She homeschooled my sister and I so that she could take us around the world and teach us the things she'd always wanted to instill in our hearts. I owe my appreciation for nature, learning and curiosity to her example, and I couldn't be more thankful for the perspective she gave me early on.

Here are some beautiful Etsy picks that you could choose as a gift for your own mothers, that I know for certain my mom would love. Enjoy!!



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  1. Oh my goodness. This entry made me feel so wonderful to be a mom. I hope..sincerely.. that I can inspire my son the way your mother inspired you.

  2. Thanks for this helpful blog.


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