Wednesday, May 5

handmade with love

Greetings everyone! I’m Rebecca of {The Ardent Sparrow}. I’m thrilled to be filling in for Jessica today! I adore her and her blog... And I’m honoured to be hosting!

For those of you who don’t know me... I am a jewelry designer from Canada. I’m an elementary school teacher on leave, raising my two little girls, Brennah who’s nearly two and a half and Leah, six months old. I love what I do... And I LOVE blogging... It’s like curating my own daily museum!

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, I thought it would be lovely to share a few ideas for some simple yet beautiful handmade projects! I’ve tried to consider all skill levels... I can’t sew (Desperately wish I could) and I can’t crochet (Considering learning... But trying to figure out where to find the time)... Yet I can actually see myself being able to complete some of these gorgeous projects... I hope you enjoy!

And to those of you who have had the joy of experiencing Mother’s Day, enjoy! I feel confident that there are few things greater than being someone’s mother! Cheers to you all! And Happy Mother’s Day!

1. DIY Candle Project

2. Felt Ruffle Flower DIY

3. DIY Vintage Photo Tags

4. Photo Table Runner

5. DIY Gift Wrapping Kit

6. Tulle Flower Hairpin

7. Lovely Gift Wrapping Ideas

8. Coupon Book for Mom

9. Iron-on Monogram Tote

10. Crochet Adorned Shoes

11. DIY Teapot Flower Arrangement

12. A Way With Words Plate Project

You can also find Rebecca here:
etsy shop (amazing jewelry)

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