Monday, May 2

10 Things I Love About Summer

This week is Finals week (yes, I used the F-word!), so naturally all I can think about is how ready I am for summer.

10. Free time (especially for dates). (Pinterest)

9. Wavy hair. (Pinterest)

8. Fun nail polish. (Pinterest)

7. County fairs (and cotton candy and ferris wheel rides). (Pinterest)

6. Lemonade (its so much better in the summer for some reason!). (Pinterest)

5. Summer Lovin' (Pinterest)

4. Peep-toe shoes. (Pinterest)

3. Open windows and breezes. (Pinterest)

2. Moments like this. :) (Pinterest)

1. Weddings! More specifically, mine and Ryan's wedding this summer! (Pinterest)

*all images via Pinterest, click the (Pinterest) after each image to follow the source.



  1. yahh! im SO excited about summer :) so many great things to look forward to! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. OH wheer did you find these pictures! I just love them. I am inspired ;]

  3. such great summer photos....and things to look forward to!

    Happy wedding summer! That is so exciting! congrats!



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